Isn’t it dream of everyone to see clearly and not to use glasses? Not for distance and for near to get up every day and not to look for glasses any more. Playing sports without the hassle of visual aid hiding all the eye makeup behind those ugly looking frames which put marks on nose ears & around the eyes making us look much older than our age and giving a wrong impression of personality.

Limitations of joining different services/occupation due to weak eye sight is another big issue.
Is there any solution?
Contact lenses no doubt a quite helpful in a number of cases but not without risk of infections, allergies and damage to the eye. We are not able to sleep having them in our eyes. The best & the safest solution is to have laser eye surgeries. Before deciding what type of laser surgery we should have it is important to have our eyes assessed by eye professionals who are expert / qualified n this field. Once everything is ok two best procedures are;
1. Smile
2. Femto Lasik

What is SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

Latest advancement in vison correction is SMILE which is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. SMILE is the precise procedure that involves only one step, one laser and minimal invasive procedure. SMILE procedure utilizes computer aided, highly focused laser light to cut a tiny incision in the cornea and will use it to eradicate small piece of corneal tissue. Resultantly reshaping cornea and correcting your vision.
SMILE is very beneficial process as it is very less invasive. It is not complex as LASIK because there is no involvement of flap. Hence all complications related to flap are avoided. SMILE is as safe and accurate as LASIK is, the benefit added up with SMILE is quick visual recovery as it only takes one or two days to experience best results. SMILE is odorless, blade free and quiet as it does not use an excimer laser. Moreover SMILE also reduces the chance of the eyes to get dry because it involves a small incision made in cornea.
In short SMILE is the latest and fastest advancement made so far in the field of vision correction. It is even suitable for those patients who have been disqualified due to irregular shape of cornea or chronic dry eye syndrome.
In Pakistan Amanat Eye Hospital is among the first and best hospitals that is offering SMILE treatment with its best and successful results. LASIK treatment is also available there. If you are tired of wearing glasses and disturbances caused by them then no need to get depressed at this. We at Amanat Eye Hospital can solve your problem with the surety that you are in reliable and safe hands that can make your life more colorful.


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