About Us



1958,the year when Amanat Eye Hospital opened its doors for public, at Rawalpindi. The first private eye hospital of the city.
As we moved step by step, staying abreast with the latest technology of the field, we marked our presence and our foot print for others to follow. Today we stand in our realm with a crown on our head, cherishing every accomplishment with a pride and with humility for we owe it to our patients. Patients that entrusted their confidence upon us and by the grace of Allah SWT still continues.
Journey to the pedestal where we stand today was never easy. It is easy to be known as an icon but is difficult to become an icon yet it is even more difficult to retain your position as an icon. We endured the hardships and struggled our way, at times with favourable winds at times against the current but will to be at and to remain at the summit never faded and we will never let it fade.
It is our commitment to our esteemed patients, that we shall always endeavour to provide you with the best services available in the field of ophthalmology, let it be clinical, diagnostic or surgery. We stand to our commitment by adopting and adhering to the latest techniques and procedures, with incorporation of latest and state of the art equipments and none the less highly trained and qualified human resource.